Who is going to pay

Who is going to pay?
This question is part of every discovery call.

Usually, there are several options:

  • Sevenbirds has a framework contract with the company and – after agreeing to work together – I
    will take care of getting my services paid by the company.
  • The company has already indicated to pay but needs first a proposal stating the precise costs.
  • The coachee has a development budget from the company and can use it freely for various
    learning & development activities throughout the year.
  • The coachee pays themselves.
  • The professional doesn’t know yet.

In this last case, I always suggest trying to get the coaching programme paid by the company.


  1. Personal and professional growth of an individual has a ripple effect in all directions – think of
    performance, knowhow within the team, communication, collaboration, (self-)leadership,
    innovation, …
  2. Supporting employees in their development has a positive impact on their general job
    satisfaction, their motivation at work but also their identification with a company.
  3. Being receptive to the needs of employees and supporting their growth without much fuss pays
    off for the employer’s branding – also when people move on.

How to get there?

  1. Treat it like any other investment the company considers.
  2. Get clear about the return on the investment for the company, the team, the line manager, the
  3. Get advice from colleagues who got their development activities paid in the past as well as from
    the HR Business Partner.
  4. Put all information together in an easy-to-read document for the decision maker.
  5. Explore payment options (total amount paid by the company vs. sharing the costs in various

Use this template to ask the right questions and collect the necessary information.

Looking forward to working with you!