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I give talks that are more than just a lecture. I create a space where I encourage interactivity for a truly inspiring session. Because the participants of your event want more than simply sit and listen to another person on a stage. They want to learn, they want to get new ideas, they want to network.

So I design a session where people can be active, participate, and share. I want to spark conversations because that’s what triggers people to think, collaborate, and take action. That’s also what makes your event memorable.


Some of the occasions I typically give workshops include:

  • Annual kick-offs
  • Strategy events
  • Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Women’s network events
  • International Women’s Day events

My signature topics

Feminine leadership in a masculine paradigm


This talk emphasises the need for more feminine energy in a male-dominated environment – to find more harmony and alternative ways to lead and stay (mentally) healthy. It creates awareness for what’s really needed in organisations struggling with psychological safety and promotes keeping women in leadership.

Dealing with the inner critic and his team of friends

This session is about the inner critic, perfectionist, pleaser, hyper-achiever, etc. – i.e. behavioural patterns everyone has developed to deal with difficult situations. Learn how to recognise and tame them – instead of being hijacked and sabotaging yourself.

Practical strategies for resilience at work


This interactive session dives hands-on into strategies and tools to help you to overcome difficulties from a position of inner strength and adaptability – without getting lost in overcontrolling, procrastinating, overwhelm, or paralysis.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Contact me, and we will discuss your goals and expectations for your event. I will assess how I can best contribute to it – whether it’s in an online or offline format.

Good to know, I can speak at your event in English and German.

A book about positive intelligence, a notepad, a couple of pens and a laptop showing a presentation for an upcoming event
Dagmar giving a talk in front of an audience of women
Dagmar facilitating a workshop for women
A coaching card, the programme of an event printed out and a laptop with a presentation slide showing on the screen

“Dagmar gave a lunch workshop for our Women In Aerospace Europe group in the Netherlands. She was very well prepared and introduced the concept ‘How to Discover yourself and create the life you love’ with practical exercises which led to an animated interactive session. She also followed up with more tips and more food for thought.

Barbara ten Berge, Communications & Marketing Manager at HE Space Operations B.V.

“Dagmar led an insightful training about 'Discovering your unique talent' at our regular meeting of Internations' Personal Development Group in Amsterdam. Her in-depth knowledge of the topic and her ability to engage people in an inviting and professional way created an inspiring space for learning and sharing. Highly recommended as a trainer and coach!”

Monika Kalina, HR Development Consultant at Diamind Training

Some of the organisations that invited me to present at their event

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