Leadership development and coaching aren’t a luxury



Your workplace is a complex environment where company goals and personal ambitions coexist. An environment where the contribution of each individual is key to the team’s success. So, when one of them falls behind, your organisation may be at risk.

Interpersonal conflicts, burnout, quiet quitting, and loss of employees are widespread problems. Not only can they impact your company’s bottom line, they can also damage your reputation as an employer. Attracting the right talents can be hard enough – but it’s useless if they don’t stay or aren’t productive.

The solution? You need a solid strategy in place with partners you can trust:

  • Professionals who understand not only the needs of your staff but also the realities of your corporate environment
  • Professionals with the right mix of expertise and empathy to deal with sensitive situations, all the while respecting the strictest confidentiality
  • Professionals who have a sound methodology they can tailor to your specific needs

You need professional coaching.

Mindset and empowerment coach Dagmar Hopf

My name is Dagmar, and I’m a mindset and empowerment coach based in the Netherlands.

I help professional women understand their strengths, uniqueness, and potential so they can find and walk their path with confidence.

I rely on my expertise, methodology, corporate background, and intuition to guide my coachees and deliver tangible results to the organisations I work with.

"My company gave me the opportunity to work with Dagmar as a coach. I have been working there for several years and wanted to find out where my journey should go. Dagmar created a warm, positive, and professional atmosphere. The coaching helped me to discover my strengths, to recognise how often I manipulate myself, and to focus on the qualities of feminine Power Types we have in us. Each session was valuable, and I highly recommend the coaching."

Hannah, IT Project Manager at a German bank

“Coaching with Dagmar has given me an amazing toolbox in terms of a profound shift and change towards my best self. It has been a journey during which I have encountered many new insights and revelations and Dagmar has been an excellent guide in the web of personal discoveries. I highly recommend coaching with Dagmar to anyone who seeks a profound change and is ready to dig deep.”

Maria Brestanska, Programme Coordinator at European Space Agency

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Your staff are your best asset.

Nurture them with the right support.
Work with an expert in leadership development coaching.