Does one or more of these situations ring a bell?

  • Employees clashing with their managers due to communication issues
  • Overwhelmed team members missing deadlines because of time-management problems
  • Employees hesitating: should they remain specialists or take the leadership path?
  • A recently appointed leader struggling with their new responsibilities
  • Not enough women are coming or staying in leadership positions in your company

When personal and professional development needs are not met, your organisation is at risk. I often see companies struggling to retain talented women who feel stuck or not supported enough in their growth. Dissatisfied employees may indeed leave your company, leading to a loss of knowledge and capacity issues. And if their skill set is rare, they will be hard to replace. Or they may take an extended sick leave, which impacts ongoing projects and financially burdens your company.

Fostering personal growth and professional development in your organisation is key. It’s the best way to solve individual issues before their impact on a team goes too far. This approach allows you to preserve your company from the consequences of what is often a simple lack of self-awareness.

But while mentoring and training courses can be parts of such a strategy, they don’t suffice when the underlying problem lies deeper. A group training or an online course isn’t going to solve an issue when it relates to the core identity of a person. To get the tangible results you’re looking for, hire a personal growth and professional development expert.

Feedback cards used during the coaching process
Stack of books about topics such as leadership and emotional intelligence
Cards representing the different women’s power types like queen and sorceress

Personal and professional development coaching is
the way to go


I offer individual coaching programmes tailored to the needs of your employee. While I work with all genders, I focus on professional women. I create a safe space where we can explore together the roots of their challenge. My approach combines expertise, methodology and intuition. I use proven models and self-assessment tests to start the process and open their eyes to new ways of looking at themselves and others.

I give them a framework and the tools to lead this self-exploration. I guide them through it with calm and attention. This process can be confronting at times for the coachee as they come to certain realisations. So, I create a space where they feel listened to and at ease. If they get stuck, I find another angle to help them move forward.

Going through this process leads to increased self-knowledge, which ultimately benefits all aspects of their lives, hence the dual concept of personal and professional development. This, in turn, makes it easier for them to step into action and implement the change they need at work.

Example of a customised individual coaching programme

True Impact

12-week coaching programme for women to increase their confidence, collaboration, and impact at work – delivered 1:1 remotely

“I found coaching with Dagmar an immensely enriching experience at both professional and personal levels. Each session was tailored towards my needs, which made it more interesting, insightful and valuable. I have learnt how to benefit from my assets and take on more positive and practical approach in order to address challenges in my professional and personal life.

As a result, I am able to see them as an opportunity to become more open, free and empowered by making choices, which are in tune with my personality. Dagmar is a very professional, positive and warm person, which have made the coaching experience even more inspiring.

I would definitely recommend coaching with Dagmar as a way to become aware of what makes you special and turn it to your best advantage.”

Malgorzata Wysocka, Project Assistant at HE Space Operations B.V.

“BERG reached out to Dagmar Hopf for help in coaching a customer service employee on personal development. It was great that our German colleague was able to express problems in the mother tongue.

Dagmar was able to level perfectly and understood the cultural nuances. A program for coaching was established and regular coaching sessions showed results quickly. Awareness for conflict situations was created by using actual examples.

A lot of focus was on creating insight into one's own share in contributing to a problem or solution. By doing exercises and regular coaching sessions, insights were successfully applied to daily life and professional work environment.”

Thecla Huf, Manager Customer Service at Berg Toys BV.

Dagmar Hopf writing on a white board
Dagmar showing some text on a white board to a group of coachees that we cannot see
Dagmar explaining a concept written on a white board

Group coaching programmes to help your team succeed


I also offer coaching programmes to support groups. They’re customised to the needs of your organisation and the participants. They address the specific topic and goals that are relevant for that audience. These programmes are highly interactive and consist of several meetings with plenary and breakout sessions—as well as individual work and integration assignments in between. I can also include individual coaching sessions.

In addition to helping the participants benefit from the coaching, this group format helps them build strong connections, expand their network and gain knowledge about the company and other departments.

Example of customised group coaching programmes

Leading from Soft Power

3-month leadership development programme for small groups of women to explore, embrace, and strengthen feminine leadership – hybrid delivery

Support during lockdown (or other challenging periods)

1.5-hour sessions for small groups of employees providing a safe space to share individual struggles, exchange helpful tips and strategies, and get into action – delivered remotely

“Dagmar is an excellent coach who has had a profound and lasting impact on the staff whom she has supported.

I am happy to recommend her.”

Leanna Roscoe, Group HR Manager at HE Space Operations B.V.

“The coaching provided me with a structured approach for an introspective analysis of myself. It was beneficial to summarise and put in order what matters the most to me and what to look for when it comes to my professional aspirations. Dagmar has been very attentive and professional, going above and beyond to guide me in my journey, pointing out relevant key aspects of the answers I've been looking for.”

Boryana Boteva, Chief Operating Officer at THNK School of Creative Leadership

Invest in a professional coach!

Give your employees and leaders the help and support they need to thrive.