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"Dagmar is an excellent coach. Very professional, attentive, insightful and empathetic. It was a pleasure receiving guidance on my personal development.

I highly recommend Dagmar to women who wish to find confidence, define their self-values and discover tools that help in your work life as well as in your personal life. She made me realise so much about myself, all that was there already, she just asked all the right insightful questions and guided me through self-realisation.

Thank you very much, Dagmar.”

Edyta Rasta, Assistant Administrator at Modis

"Already in the first coaching session I had my first aha experience. The coaching intention was much more profound than I had thought before. Quickly, I realised that this is the key to very much.

Through the work with Dagmar and the methods she used, many more aha-moments followed. She always managed to summarise my thoughts in an orderly and completely accurate statement, giving me even more clarity. I walked out of every coaching session with a positive feeling and a new insight.

She has helped me to help myself."

Jasmin, Business Manager Capital Markets at a German bank