The change I bring to my clients is a core element
of my own story


I grew up in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and I became an adult after the Reunification process. This gave me an intimate perspective of the impact of a high-scale systemic change at an individual level. The political, social, and cultural shift was massive. Changes were manifold – some welcome, others less so.

Moving places in my homeland and then coming to the Netherlands further broadened my view of the world. I deepened my understanding of the differences that exist at a cultural, community, and individual level.

My university studies in psychology and a corporate career also fuelled my journey. I consulted in management diagnostics and optimisation of HR processes and strategies, before specialising in change management. These experiences helped me cultivate my analytical side, my understanding of the corporate world, and the importance of systems and processes. They also helped me further understand how the role of humans in an organisation is deeply influenced by the lens through which they see life.


Now thriving as a mindset transformation coach for women


A deep desire for self-fulfilment, living my life on my own terms, and helping others led me to become a coach for women. I combine with passion my core values and beliefs, methodical approach, expertise, and intuition.

The values that guide me

  • Be true to yourself
  • Keep learning
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Use the resources you already have
  • As an individual and as a business make sure to care for nature

My educational background, qualifications and professional memberships


  • University diploma (master’s degree level) in psychology with a specialisation in clinical psychology as well as work & organisational psychology at Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
  • Systemic counsellor certified by DGSF, the German Association for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy
  • Women’s Coach certified by One of many™
  • Stress & Burnout Coach certified by CSR – Expertisecentrum stress & veerkracht
  • PQ Coach in training at Positive Intelligence
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"Dagmar has an innate ability to create a space that is incredibly safe, encouraging and challenging at the same time."

Her incredibly vast knowledge and a genuine willingness to share it with others makes her not only a great coach & mentor but indeed a true example of an excellent leader!”

Nada Mesqui, Life Coach and participant of the Akzua Accelerated VIP training programme

A blue bird flying in front of a big pink heart

Why Sevenbirds

Nice name, but what does it mean?


Most birds can do one thing that many humans only dream of: they fly. They seem to move effortlessly through the air, gaining height, seeing a lot more and farther away than anyone could from the ground while experiencing the sheer power of the elements…

Flying evokes easiness, elegance, freedom, and the opportunity to explore new spaces.

These are the qualities that I want my business name to inspire because I want to help my clients gain new insights, perspectives, and abilities.

And why seven instead of one or a hundred? Well, this number refers to the seven steps of the Latifa, an ancient meditation practice allowing you to connect with seven subtle qualities which support transformation and sustainable change.

These seven qualities are acceptance, yearning, hope, trust, surrender, love, and free will.

My motto

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."

I love this quote by American poet Mary Oliver because it reminds me of the dual nature of dreams.

Envisioning our dream in all its details may increase its probability to materialise – something can come true if you put your mind to it. But you should leave room for the unimaginable because it might be greater than what you could think or hope for.

There’s more to life than what we already know and see.

Let’s talk about your needs and goals!

Together we define how I could best support
you and your organisation.