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Online Counselling
This is for you, when you feel in need because you experience difficulties in managing work and private life, have to handle challenging life situations, feel exhausted, detached and at the edge.
Individual Coaching
This is for you, when you in general do fine and yet feel somehow stuck, frustrated with your current situation, doubt your capabilities, and feel this urge for something more.
Coaching Solutions
This is for you as HR and line managers looking for professional and customised coaching support for the female employees in your organisation.

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Less is more

Most people can name pretty easily what they don't want to have anymore in their lives. It's important to be aware of these elements which hinder you, make you feel uncomfortable, disturb your well-being, or lead you astray. Because only if you know exactly what it is about, you are able to change something.   [...]

We are what we think

Get rid of frustrations

Frustrations are part of our everyday life. We didn’t meet a set goal, our expectations aren’t met, we get angry about someone else, etc. And before we know we feel frustrated, disappointed, disheartened. These feelings can be very strong and hinder us from getting over the frustrating situation – we get stuck and can’t move […]

Let your soul catch up

What you need

With the beginning of a new year, you can hear and read everywhere about New Year’s resolutions. If you have a concrete goal – ideally formulated based on the SMART rule = specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-related – than such a resolution is a great tool to achieve something tangible. More often, these resolutions come to nothing. […]

Dare to feel as a unique treasure

It’s true: you are a unique treasure. Everyone is. Several years ago, I’ve made myself a t-shirt saying on the front side “I am…” and on the back “…a unique treasure”. When encountering someone, they were curious asking “What are you? Please turn around.” I did. In most cases, the first reaction were raised eyebrows […]