Develop yourself to live your potential

I help you to make your personal and professional transition happen

My why because I work as a coach is that I want to enable women in transition to unfold their unique potential and play bigger.

Many of my clients, before they get to me, are going along quite well in their journey. They’re have a good job, exercise for their physical well-being, take care of their personal development. From an observer’s perspective, they’re doing fine. And somehow, they got stuck. They don’t get beyond a certain point. This leads to them doubting themselves and their strengths, lacking energy and motivation, developing unhelpful habits, and simply feeling they’ve landed in a dead end.

This is the point when you need someone else to get involved. Someone who creates a space for you to explore and gain confidence again. Someone who sees beneath the surface and makes sense of things. Someone who encourages and empowers you. Someone who guides you with empathy. That’s why people come to me.

Feeling stuck yourself? Ready to get serious to continue your journey and play bigger? Then read on.

I offer two ways of working with me:

Coaching in 1:1 setting

Individual coaching in a 1:1 setting

Recommended if you:

  • Want to work intensively on your questions closely supported by a coach
  • Need time on your own to reflect and think things through

Want to learn more about this option? Schedule an exploration session with me. This conversation of approximately 45 minutes is free of charge and takes place via Zoom. You’ll receive upfront a questionnaire so that I can prepare accordingly.

Coaching in group setting

Coaching in a group setting

Recommended if you:

  • Prefer or need the liveliness and interaction within a group
  • Learn better by sharing and discussing your thoughts and feelings with various people

Together with my brilliant colleagues at Azkua, we run regularly various group coaching programs open to individual participants or in-house and customized for one organisation.

Success factors

  • Being ready and willing to transform
  • Feeling of trust between you & me
  • Being committed to work intensively
  • Daring to experiment and try new things
  • Taking ownership of realising the desired change

Required investment

  • To invest the time and energy needed
  • To open up and share
  • To take the homework serious
  • To deal with a potential dip, doubts, and obstacles
  • To take responsibility
Life's too short

Wondering if your company could sponsor this coaching?

Most likely! Most of the women and men I’ve coached so far had the costs for the coaching covered by their employers. If you want this as well, consider the following:

  1. Share your wish to get coached with your manager and explain why individual coaching will help you the most with regards to your current need.
  2. Talk about how getting coached will benefit your employer. What business goals are they trying to achieve right now, and how will you improve your ability to help them achieve those goals?
  3. If you and your manager have already identified areas for your development (for example, in a recent performance review), explain how getting coached connects to those areas.
  4. Share the ways you will not only use the learning for yourself but also bring it back to your team or the larger organisation.
  5. Start soon so this can be worked into your team’s or the company’s budgetary planning.