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Discover your Soft Power and thrive at a different level

This is for you, if you

  • Want to become confident, strong, and effective – whilst staying true to the softer aspects of your feminine nature
  • Wish to move past the blocks that are holding you back from the impact or income you want – without losing your empathy or intuition
  • Yearn to lead with a power grounded in collaboration, compassion, sustainable growth – instead of competition, indifference, overflowing expansion
  • Aim to create the life you want in your home, at work, and in your relationships – without burning out, toughening up, or losing sight of who you are
  • Are tired of repeating the same old patterns, or being told that the only way to change your life is to become someone you are not

We need a new kind of power to lead the fulfilling lives we want to lead. A power grounded in collaboration, not competition. A power of co-operation not coercion. A power centred in replenishment not depletion.”

Dr. Joanna Martin

What’s in it for you

+  Get to know five strong and powerful female archetypes

+  Learn which of these Women’s Power Types™ you have ready access to

+  Explore when these qualities add the most value

+  Discover how each of them is available to you in different situations

+  Reveal your least expressed Power Type and how that is often key to understanding your current challenges in work, relationships, health and well-being

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Why discover the Women’s Power Types

  • Understanding your individual Power Types profile is the key to tapping into your feminine power
  • Work with the Power Types and you will not only be strong and effective, but also true to the softer aspects of your nature
  • Achieve more without burning yourself out
  • Gain priceless insight into your current strengths, opportunities for growth, and the challenges you are facing

What you get for only EUR 69

Your personal Women’s Power Types™ profile report  (value EUR 90)
A 60-minute debriefing session with me – online – to fully understand your report  (value EUR 200)
The full Women’s Power Types™ eBook  (value EUR 15)

Tap into your feminine power

Explore the Women's Power Types™

How it works

  1.   Book your personal Power Types Session
  2.   Receive and pay the invoice
  3.   Receive your token
  4.   Take the Women’s Power Types™ test (approx. 15 minutes)
  5.   Receive your profile report and explanatory videos
  6.   Have your personal Power Types Session with me
  7.   Receive the Women’s Power Types™ eBook to deepen your insights

Frequently asked questions

You gain access to the Women’s Power Types™ test, receive your profile report, have a 60-minutes debriefing session, receive the Women’s Power Types™ ebook as well as three videos on your primary, secondary and lowest Power Type.

Usually I use Zoom. In case that’s not working for you, we can also use Signal, FaceTime with iPhone users, or a simple phone call.

After booking your Power Types Session, you’ll receive a series of emails – either from me or from One of many™ – with your invoice, the link to the date booking page, your token, your report, the access details for the session, your videos, your eBook.

Go to the booking page and choose a date that suits you.

I’ll ask you to pay in order to receive the token for the test.

Frankly, in this case the session can’t take place, because your Women’s Power Types™ profile report is the basis for our conversation. You would need to book a new date. So please plan at least a week between booking your session and the date of the session – to allow enough time for paying, getting your token, and taking the test.

If you have not yet taken the test, I’ll refund you the full amount. If you want to step out after already having taken the test, there is no refund possible anymore.

Power Types Session

Tap into your natural feminine power to thrive

Explore the Women's Power Types™

… and how they can help you to become confident, strong, and effective – whilst staying true to the softer aspects of your feminine nature