Power Sisters Circle

Join the Power Sisters Circle

Experience the power of compassionate and supportive sisterhood

This is for you, if you

  • Want to benefit from ongoing coaching, mentoring, and learning on the issues and questions you deal with
  • Need time to reflect, explore, ponder, share, nourish, replenish
  • Lack amenable ears who listen without judging
  • Are prepared to learn and be inspired by other women
  • Want to share your own experiences and wisdom
  • Search for different and deeper ways to connect with other women
  • Yearn for a sense of community, where you feel seen, heard, and held
  • Believe in the power of women gathering in a circle

This is a 6-month test of the brand new Power Sisters Circle offered by Sevenbirds.

I invite you to be one of the first women to participate in, benefit from, and co-create together a magic space for personal growth, feminine power, and lived sisterhood.

Are you in?

When women
come together
and make a commitment to each other to be in a circle with a spiritual center, they are creating a vessel of healing and transformation for themselves, and vehicle for change in their world.”

Jean Shinoda Bolen

What’s in it for you

+  Enjoy the opportunity to meet other women from different walks of life

+  Experience a deeply compassionate and supportive environment

+  Be listened to in a safe space

+  Be able to show up with all your imperfections, your fragility, flaws and scars, your fierceness and love

+  Experience a deep authenticity within yourself, being true and real

+  Feel the magic that happens when women gather

+  Learn to embrace your sisters as your allies and to give each other permission to shine

+  Leave feeling grounded, connected, rejuvenated, and present

Power Sisters Group

Why join a women’s circle

  • It is an opportunity to enter a space where we can leave the masks, roles, and stories outside and come into a safe, supported, and experiential environment, where non-judgement and compassion for the self is practiced.
  • It is a safe space where we support each member’s personal growth journey.
  • It is a powerful place to foster sisterhood, reconnect with the feminine principle, and empower women’s leadership.

What you get for only EUR 39 per month

A 90-minute circle session once a month | These sessions are a unique blend of (peer) coaching, mentoring, teaching, and learning experiences (value EUR 300)
Power Sisters Community | Get access to our private Power Sisters Community on LinkedIn. This is the place where we connect, share resources, and come to for support (value priceless)
Extra resources | Depending on what we talk about, I’ll share extra resources with you (value EUR 90)

Come to this magical powerful place

Experience the power of sisterhood

How it works

  1.   Sign up for the Power Sisters Circle | 6-months test phase
  2.   Receive and pay the invoice
  3.   Receive instructions and access information for the six circle sessions
  4.   Receive an invitation to the Power Sisters Community on LinkedIn
  5.   Join the circle sessions
  6.   Be an active sister in the circle and the online community

Frequently Asked Questions

Thursdays from 15:30-17:00. Here are the dates for this 6-month test:

  1. 19 November 2020
  2. 17 December 2020
  3. 14 January 2021
  4. 11 February 2021
  5. 11 March 2021
  6. 8 April 2021

For now, they will happen online via Zoom.

I aim to gather six women and up to nine for this first Power Sister Circle. In case, more women join, I will run two (or more) circles at different times.

For the 6-months test phase of the Power Sisters Circle I invite mainly past coaching clients and women who wanted to work with me but haven’t due to different reasons.

My current idea is to work with what comes and this way to co-create the circle sessions together. I can also imagine opening each circle session with a special impulse giving it a certain direction.

My idea is to connect each of the participants with two others as their buddies. In case, you’ve missed a session you can reach out to your buddies and ask them about the last session. If everyone agrees, we can also record the sessions and I share the recording afterwards with you.

Sign up by clicking the button and following the process.

The membership fee of EUR 234 for the 6-month test phase includes a) six 90-minutes circle sessions full of coaching, mentoring, learning, b) further exchange via a private LinkedIn group, c) further resources to reflect, learn, and grow.

After signing up, you’ll receive an invoice over the full amount for the 6-month test phase, i.e. EUR 234. Please transfer your membership fee within seven days.

I’m going to offer this option later. But for this 6-month test I need your full commitment to actively participate. Only this way I can test and explore what works and what adds the most value.

I guarantee a full refund, if you decide to step out before or after the first session. If you want to stop later, no refund is possible.

Good question. My dream is to continue the Power Sisters Circle with an ongoing membership model. At the end of the test phase I need your feedback to optimise the approach and create an absolutely valuable offering for professional women.

Power Sister Circle

Experience the magic that happens when women gather

Let's create together a vessel of healing and transformation for ourselves and a vehicle for change in the world

Benefit from being part of a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental, and supportive community. Foster sisterhood, reconnect with the feminine principle, and empower women’s leadership.