How resilient are you?

How resilient are you

Each of us have experienced crises in life – the small ones, when the housework outgrows you or the favorite cup is dropped, and the big ones, if your relationship hangs in the balance or job loss is imminent. And each of us deals differently with these crises. Some come pretty quickly over it, others nibble longer on it, and still others remain trapped in a state of shock.

What helps us to overcome crises, is described by the concept of resilience. It is about adaptability and resistance – ultimately a kind of inner strength that helps us to cope with crises. This is also the topic of the March edition of the bird’s post, and the two following editions will look in more detail on the seven protective factors of the resilience model and how to strengthen your own level of resilience.

In this article I provide you with a mini-test to get a first impression how resilient behavior can look like and to evaluate your own resilience.

If you are ready, then continue with the analysis of your self-assessment.

At first glance:

  • Are your crosses more left of the center? You already show resilient behavior.
  • Are your crosses more right of the center? Then it will be helpful to reflect at which points you could become more resilient.

At second glance:

  • Where did you make your cross? Let the statements of the two poles have their impact on you.
  • What exactly did you mean when making the cross at a certain place?
    Write a brief statement: “I cop out of admitting a mistake, because it is tremendously embarrassing to me when I don’t live up to my own standards. Then I resort to make the circumstances or other people responsible for it.”
    The more specific you describe your behavior, the more you can take out of it. And then you can continue to consider: With which small step I can begin today to change my behavior?
  • If you have assessed statements with two ++, be pleased and appreciate this strength.
    However, this does not mean that you can rest. Think about how and in which situations you can use these strengths consciously.