Get rid of frustrations

Get rid of frustrations

Frustrations are part of our everyday life. We didn’t meet a set goal, our expectations aren’t met, we get angry about someone else, etc. And before we know we feel frustrated, disappointed, disheartened. These feelings can be very strong and hinder us from getting over the frustrating situation – we get stuck and can’t move forward.

But how to get over such strong frustrations? You can try the following exercise to get rid of your negative feelings.

Take a piece of paper. Write down the negative experience or the name of the person(s) you got angry about. Put the paper in an envelope.

You can even go a step further and destroy the envelope with the paper inside, e.g. by tearing it down into little pieces, by scrunching it up and throwing it in the trash, etc.

This exercise helps you in three ways:

  • Write something down and it becomes tangible and gets out of your head.
  • Lock something up, in this case by putting in an envelope, and you create a mental distance between yourself and the with the experience associated emotions.
  • Destroy the manifestation and you let go of your frustrations.