develop your employees with the right approach

Develop your employees:
Customized solution-focused coaching services ensure the desired change

When you decide to bring me in to develop your employees, I want to learn first what’s important for you as manager respectively HR responsible: what you aim for, which challenges you experience, and what you need yourself. This helps me to understand the context your employees are settled in and what’s necessary to let your organization grow.

Key principles of my coaching approach

Sustainable change is possible, when a person gains insight about oneself – i.e. personality traits, beliefs, motives & drivers, preferences, strengths & weaknesses, talent, values, purpose & goals, etc. – followed by changes in attitudes and mindset. Based on such self-knowledge and modified mindset, a person can change behavioral patterns and go her or his own way.

Taking over responsibility for oneself and for the success of the coaching trajectory is a main element of my approach. To achieve this, the coachee is asked to define his/ her learning question and to set an end date for the coaching trajectory. Furthermore, the coachee receives several exercises as homework to be done between the sessions.

On the one hand, it’s about recognizing the coachee in her/his context – or call it system – with all the linkages to other people and groups. On the other hand, I aim to address various levels when choosing exercises and tools – mind, heart, body.

Typical process of a coaching trajectory

Develop your employees: Learn more about the coaching process applied by Sevenbirds.

Success factors

  • Establish clarity and a shared view on the coaching goals by all involved parties
  • Provide encouragement and support by line management/ HR
  • Allow for enough time for a lasting change (at least 7 months)

Required investment by the company

  • Allow time for the employee to attend the coaching sessions, do the homework and implement changes at work
  • Provide feedback and support by line manager/ HR in various ways
  • Cover the costs for coaching fee, location, travel, and where appropriate special tools
Everyone has an unique power

Used concepts, models, and tools

Systemic theory & solution-focused brief therapy

Pulsar© method

Mindfulness and guided visualisations


Myers-Briggs Type Indikator®

StandOut Assessment (The Marcus Buckingham Company)

Saboteur Assessment (Shirzad Chamine)

Card sets, e.g. Compass cards, sk!lls®, Roads, Rivers