Coaching Solutions

Professional Coaching Solutions

Support your female employees with customised coaching solutions

Do you…

  • see your female employees struggle with certain issues again and again
  • recognise the different needs of women to grow and thrive compared to men
  • want to strengthen your women in thriving within a male-dominated culture
  • need to attract and retain female employees for the business
  • want to bring more women into leadership positions?

Then it’s time to…

  • have conversations with everyone concerned
  • find out what’s really needed to choose the best solution
  • get clear on the challenges and obstacles within your organisation
  • agree on a mutual vision and intention as well as a new approach to get there
  • bring everyone along for the necessary commitment, input, and support

I’m here for you to…

  • help you clarify the needs of your female employees and the business’ requirements
  • explore and evaluate potential ideas and options with you as a sparring partner
  • design fully customised solutions mixing coaching, teaching, and mentoring elements
  • deliver highly accepted, high-impact, and long-term effective solutions 1:1 and for groups
  • bring in a holistic, whole-person approach

Your topics

Personal growth
Stress & Work/Life Balance
Burnout prevention & treatment
Dealing with change and crisis
Women’s empowerment
Career development
Feminine leadership
1:1 and group support

Are you serious to invest in your female professionals?

Then let's discuss how I can support you

During our conversation, we clarify the needs and obstacles perceived in your organisation. We explore helpful solutions and agree on a way forward.

My strength is to design coaching solutions fully customised to the goals, needs, and requirements of your employees, their line managers, and your organisation as a whole.

You can think of coaching packages addressing the needs of individuals in challenging work situations, or of coaching programmes for smaller and larger groups focusing on team or organisation related development issues.

Considering the current pandemic challenges, many solutions can be fully delivered online or might be a blended mix of offline and online elements.

By acknowledging how adults learn and develop, I design the requested solutions in a way to achieve the necessary transfer of the learning into the work situation and lasting changes according to the agreed goals.

Examples of customised solutions for clients


True Impact | 12-week coaching programme for women to increase their confidence, collaboration, and impact at work | Delivered 1:1 remotely

Support during lockdown | 1.5-hour sessions for small groups of employees providing a safe space to share about individual struggles, exchange helpful tips and strategies, and to get into action

Leading from Soft Power | 3-month leadership development programme for small groups of women to explore, embrace, and strengthen feminine leadership

What do the HR and line managers I’ve worked for say?

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