Dare to feel as a unique treasure

Unique treasure

It’s true: you are a unique treasure. Everyone is.

Several years ago, I’ve made myself a t-shirt saying on the front side “I am…” and on the back “…a unique treasure”. When encountering someone, they were curious asking “What are you? Please turn around.” I did. In most cases, the first reaction were raised eyebrows and the comment “This sounds quite arrogant.” And I replied with a smile “It’s a fact and you are one, too.”

Every human being is unique – with our exclusive genetic information, personality, talent, but also our way of perception and how we are shaped by education and experience. Of course, it might be possible to clone the genetic information but I guess our essence, the core of our self, can’t be copied. And that’s why it is true that we are all unique treasures.

Do you dare to say this about yourself?

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