Online Counselling

Get psychological support whilst being in an intimate and safe place of your choice

Do you…

  • want to reduce stress and achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • need to deal with unexpected life situations and fundamental change
  • struggle with life questions and decision making
  • lack self-confidence and need to get back into the driver’s seat of your life
  • feel restless, unable to focus or get into action
  • suffer from feeling somber, sad, emotionally overwhelmed or empty?

Then it’s time to…

  • let it all out and share what troubles you with a neutral person
  • process your experiences, situations, reactions, and feelings
  • investigate your behavioural patterns, their origin and impact on your life
  • acknowledge and understand your emotions, their influence and value
  • let go of your limiting beliefs and tame your saboteurs
  • re-create and heal your inner basis
  • step forward into a new phase of being

I’m here for you to…

  • hold a safe, non-judgemental, welcoming space for you
  • deeply listen and be with you
  • see beneath the surface and help you get to the core
  • aid you in recognising, understanding, acknowledging, and letting go
  • guide you in your process in a way that suits your needs
  • encourage and nurture you on your path to healing

How does counselling with me work?

Get out of overwhelm

This is a fundamental requirement before we can delve further into the process.

We focus on first-aid help so that you regain your ability to deal with emotions and have the inner and outer space to consciously explore, process, let go, and finally move forward.

Re-create your basis

This second phase is all about looking into your struggles. In the safe space of our sessions we explore together what’s going on and why, what’s the impact, and what do with it.

We figure out what you need to feel whole, centred, confident, safe again – able to live your life the way you want it.

Stabilise and reassure

Now it’s important to anchor your re-created connection with yourself.

This brings you back your inner strength and wisdom to cope with stress and strong emotions, to make decisions, deal with challenges – to feel grounded and powerful to live your life.

Move forward

In the last phase you will create a new vision of your life and I help you to take the first steps towards it.

Now it’s all about living the life you want – experiencing joy, serenity, capability, strength, and meaning.

Your topics

Expat life and transition challenges
Stress, overstrain, burn-out
Mood complaints
Life-stage issues
Negative self-image
Identity issues
Work problems

Acknowledge your need for professional support

It's time to get help instead of struggling on your own

During the free Orientation Session we take the time to get to know each other, explore your needs, and what a counselling path with me would look like.

Online counselling

Will it work for you?

I mainly work with international women in their 30’s and 40’s who moved for their work to a different country. Their countries of origin are for instance the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel, UK, and Germany.
The struggles they face are often linked to their multi-cultural life situation:
  • being an expat
  • working for an international organisation with colleagues from several different countries
  • needing to adapt to local circumstances and culture
  • speaking several languages all day
  • maybe living with a partner with a different nationality
  • maybe raising children born and growing up in the current country

Other issues come from their work situation, managing work and private life, events and experiences now or in their past, personal questions and characteristics.

My main intention is to help my clients to reconnect with themselves, as this connection with yourself is your safe haven, your power centre, your essence and source of inner wisdom. It is about knowing, acknowledging, accepting, loving, trusting, caring for, and fully utilising yourself to live a life where you can flourish. This your strong base to act, create, influence from. From here you are able to deal with change and challenges and to cope with difficulties. From here you are able to thrive and live the life you desire.

And the results of our counselling process are described by my clients as such:
  • understanding and accepting myself
  • learned to listen to myself
  • empowered and stronger than before
  • feeling at peace
  • capable to make choices whilst staying true to myself
  • able to cope with tough situations and daily challenges
  • re-centred, self-reliant, confident
Do you relate to what I describe above? Yes? Then counselling with me will work for you.

What do the women I’ve worked with say?

Frequently asked questions

At times we all need someone to talk to, someone that will listen and help us find new perspective. One of the traps we as people fall into is the idea that we can handle life alone. Acknowledging the need for professional help is an important step in improving your life, and for many, one that takes great courage. Professional counselling can be beneficial in working through some of life’s most challenging moments. It can also help clear away obstacles that prevent personal growth. The main goal of counselling is to help those in need live more fulfilling lives.

An online counselling session with me takes 60 minutes.

Typically, a counselling trajectory takes 8-10 sessions. We would agree on that during our orientation call. In the beginning we would meet weekly or bi-weekly, in the second half of the process every third or fourth week.

For now, the sessions take place online – via Signal or Zoom for instance. If you live in or close to Leiden, we could also meet outside for a “walking session”. Later on, when the Corona situation has been profoundly improved. it will be also possible to meet face-to-face.

Make sure to choose a place, where you feel safe and comfortable, will undisturbed, and have sufficient internet access via mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Take good care of yourself by getting something to drink, have pen and paper at hand in case you wish to take notes, and create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Working with me online is somehow different to meeting together in one room but so far my clients do not report a reduced impact or value for themselves.

I provide counselling in German (native), English and Dutch.

For a 60-minute session the fee is EUR 95.

You’ll receive an invoice at the end of the month over the sessions fees for that month – to be paid within 7 days.

Through your Dutch health insurance: Up to now, my counselling services won’t be refunded by Dutch health insurances. But I’m working on this so that you can get it partially refunded via your supplementary insurance package (aanvullende verzekering).
Through the Health and Safety Service of your employer in the Netherlands: After consultation with the company doctor, employers are often willing to reimburse these costs within the framework of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter).  For example in the context of burn-out prevention and prevention of long-term absenteeism. In this case, you should contact the company doctor or the Health and Safety Service.
Through the Dutch UWV: If you receive a benefit, you can ask the benefit agency (UWV) about the available financial resources for your recovery and reintegration. You can conclude an Individual Re-integration Agreement with your UWV. With this agreement, the UWV makes a budget available to you with which you can pay for all or part of your coaching program. For more information, please visit the UWV website.

Please cancel your session at least 24 hours prior to the agreed session time. Otherwise I will charge the full amount.

Online counselling

It's time to ask for help

Don't wait any longer to get the support you need to heal and thrive again

Use the Orientation Session to get to know me and find out what I can do for you. It’s free and without any obligation. Do it for yourself!

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