Individual Coaching

Rebuild your career to fully thrive and live your potential

Do you…

  • feel stuck in your current work situation
  • experience restlessness, something missing, and do ask yourself often “is this it”
  • feel a desire for something more meaningful, something you believe in
  • doubt yourself, stop yourself from being more you
  • search for purpose and direction, for what you really want to create in life
  • feel it’s time for a change – a deep and far-reaching transformation into a new version of yourself, a new version of your life?

Then it’s time to…

  • find out what you really yearn for; what you want to experience, express, create, and contribute to others
  • create a strong sense of who you are and your slumbering potential
  • envision your true, authentic self and your purpose in life – and get really hungry for it
  • break through your inner glass ceilings
  • identify what it’ll will take to get where you want to go and make a plan
  • start creating this new version of yourself, realising your transformation

I’m here for you to…

  • create a space of growth and becoming for you and your transformation process
  • ignite your potentials, your inner flame, your hunger to turn in your authentic self
  • help you to identify your inner barriers, i.e. limiting ideas and stories of yourself, others, and the world
  • assist you in breaking through to your new story
  • deeply listen, clarify, amplify, and make it even bigger
  • support you on your path to thrive and live your full potential

How does coaching with me work?

Know who you are

This is the basis for our work together.

We collect everything that makes you you. Think of strengths and shortcomings, needs and values, your genius and inner saboteurs, skills and experiences. It’s about knowing, fully accepting and embracing what is.

Break through your inner glass ceiling

This second step is all about letting go of unhelpful ideas and stories about yourself.

We identify your blocking stories or unhelpful beliefs. I help you to access the deeper truth correcting the misperceptions, and you craft your new power statement.

Unlock your inner GPS

Now it’s important to gain clarity on your deeper desires that are looking to come to life. They come from the heart. They energise, excite, and make you feel alive – thus, making success more likely.

We’re going to activate your inner GPS as your personal navigation tool when transforming your desire and yearning into something real.

Take inspired action

Finally, it’s about getting into action.

Inspired actions are aligned with your values, your purpose, your deeper knowing, and your creative impulses. Such action is different than action coming from your rational mind, and therefore much more impactful. You’ll see things happen right away.

Your topics

Expat careers
Career development
Career transition
Leadership development
Meaning and purpose at work

Ready to get serious and play bigger?

Then have a call with me to find out, if I'm the right coach for you

During the free Discovery Call, we get to know each other, explore your needs, yearnings, and desired outcome of a coaching programme, as well as how I work, the organisational details. etc. You decide afterwards, if we go ahead together or not.

Individual coaching

Will it work for you?

I mainly work with international women in their 30’s and 40’s who moved for their work to a different country. Their countries of origin are for instance the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel, UK, Netherlands, and Germany.
Many of my clients, before they get to me, are going along quite well in their journey. They’re have a good job, exercise for their physical well-being, take care of their personal development. From an observer’s perspective, they’re just doing fine. And yet somehow, they got stuck. They don’t get beyond a certain point. This leads to them doubting themselves and their strengths, lacking energy and motivation, developing unhelpful habits, and simply feeling they’ve landed in a dead end. They describe themselves as:
  • struggling with being confident and assertive in a male-dominated work environment
  • dealing with being a hyper-achiever and perfectionist with a high urge for controlling everything
  • suffering from imposter syndrome and procrastination
  • facing termination of work contract or redundancy
  • wanting to (re-)connect with their values, passions, and purpose
  • longing for more self-expression, daring to show their true self
  • aiming for more impact when advancing the causes they care about
This is the point when you need someone else to get involved. Someone who creates a space for you to explore yourself, your needs and yearnings, your vision and purpose. Someone who sees beneath the surface and makes sense of things. Someone who encourages and empowers you. Someone who helps you to feel confident and ready for the the big stuff. Someone who guides you with empathy and compassion. That’s why people come to me.
My intention is to help my clients to fully live their potential and purpose – to be the powerful women needed in the world, to be leaders and change makers – and to experience joy, meaning, and deep satisfaction in what they do.

And as a result of coaching with me, my clients say they:

  • found their own way forward
  • realised their desired career change
  • know their strengths, unique gifts, weaknesses, and inner saboteurs
  • made discoveries and now drive to change towards their best self
  • addressed challenges from a growth mindset, seeing opportunities and daring to go for them
  • own their value
  • took action in the areas that matter

Do you relate to what I describe above? Yes? Then coaching with me will work for you.

What do the women I’ve worked with say?

Why should you work with me?

First of all, I can relate to your situation with compassion and understanding. I’ve been at the point where I needed to find out what to do next at least three times in my professional career so far. So I know what troubles you and how you feel. Read more about what I do, why I do it, what I believe in, and the value this has for you.
Because of my experiences, I have been able to develop an approach to deal with such challenges – which worked for me and will work for you.

What is the investment?

One word upfront: Investing in coaching means investing in yourself – i.e. investing in your personal and professional growth, your powerful authentic presence and ability to impact, your confidence, joy, fulfilment, income – it does not mean investing in me 🙂
It’s not a bargain. Because I’m giving you the best I have. I really want to see you shine, thrive, and become the powerful woman you are. And we can figure out together how you might get your employer to sponsor the coaching and your options to get financial support.

What should you do next?

Don't wait any longer to reach out to me

Book your free Discovery Call now

First, we’ll have a look at your needs and what you want to achieve through coaching. Second, we’ll clarify the organisational and financial details. Third, we’ll see if we click and want to work with each other. Get me involved and let me help you to grow and thrive!

Frequently asked questions

Simply when you feel stuck and talking to friends, your partner, your line manager, colleagues, HR professional does not get you any further.

An online coaching session takes 60 minutes. Sessions face to face usually take 1.5 hours and sometimes longer, depending on what we’ve agreed as the most suitable approach to work on your questions.

We decide this together on what’s needed to achieve your desired outcome, considering any deadlines or requirements. I offer coaching only as packages – minimum size is four sessions.

For now, the sessions take place online – via Zoom for instance. If you live in or close to Leiden, we could also meet outside for a “walking session”. Later on, when the Corona situation has been profoundly improved. it will be also possible to meet face-to-face again.

Make sure to choose a place, where you feel safe and comfortable, will be undisturbed, and have sufficient internet access via mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Take good care of yourself by getting something to drink, have pen and paper at hand in case you wish to take notes. Working with me online is somehow different to meeting together in one room but so far my clients do not report a reduced impact or value for themselves.

I provide coaching in German (native), English and Dutch.

I do not offer single sessions, I only offer coaching packages. You will receive your personal proposal after our Discovery Call when I know more about your situation.

During the Discovery Call we will explore the various options, for instance if you employer could sponsor your coaching or if you can deduct the costs as training costs via your Income tax return.

Please cancel your session at least 24 hours prior to the agreed session time. Otherwise I will charge the full amount.

Indivivdual coaching

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