In-house program to develop and empower a group of similarly positioned women

Establish this development program for supporting women in your organization

Do you face one or more of the following challenges in your organization and aim to address these in a promising and sustainable way?

  • high female staff turnover, problems with female talent retention
  • difficulties attracting female employees, no adequate company image
  • too few female leaders, lack of diversity in leadership teams
  • issues with burn-out, communication & cooperation named by female employees
  • risk of decreasing creativity & innovation & productivity

And your usual development & learning methods do not seem to have the desired effects? Then, the Power Partnerships could be a suitable solution for you.

The Power Partnerships are a unique coaching program bringing together a group of women in a safe environment to:

  • help them recognize the many ways they hold themselves back
  • help them understand and address their specific challenges and
  • provide them with tools to excel and thrive in their careers – irrespective of the career or life stage they are at

Each group consists of four women, ideally positioned at the same stage of career or in life – guided, developed and supported by two coaches. I deliver this coaching program together with Open The Door Leadership.

All Power Partnerships start with Phase 1 focusing on creating a strong self. Phase 2 addresses the challenges and opportunities that present themselves when we start branching out to others and need to bring them on board too. Phase 2 takes an even wider angle and looks closely at how the individual fits in with the company and the world at large.

Power Partnerships phases
Overview of the program's phases

Ideally, the sessions take place in-house at your premises. If required, we can offer locations in The Hague or Amsterdam.


Please contact me to meet and discuss what the Power Partnerships can mean to your organization.