Coaching Day to deal with one substantial issue

Intensive coaching program to get into action

Choose this coaching solution to deal with one substantial issue

You’re dealing with a bigger issue, probably including various aspects and sub-questions. So far, you have tried to figure it out on your own but didn’t get to a satisfying result yet. You look for help to dig deeper, to clarify and identify connections, to win new insights, and to develop solutions. You’re willing to invest a whole day to finally come to decisions and start acting. It is important for you to talk to someone in person, to feel safe, appreciated and empowered, to connect and to get guidance. The Coaching Day is in this case the right offering for you.

Contact me to arrange a free intake session of 30 minutes via telephone or Skype. I’ll ask to fill out a questionnaire before so that I can prepare appropriately. We’ll get to know each other and clarify the details. Afterwards you decide, if you want to work with me. If yes, you’ll receive an invoice and I’ll ask you to pay in advance. Once you’ve paid, we make an appointment.

On the agreed date, we meet for 7 hours (including breaks). First, we define a goal for the day so that we can make the best use of the time. Based on the desired result, I’ll structure the day – probably along the steps “analyze”, “develop solution”, “make it happen”. In the last half an hour, we will summarize the results and close the day. Two days later you’ll receive a report about the content of day plus questions, tools, and further exercises to help you to continue and make your next steps.

Such a one-day coaching is an intense experience. Make sure you come rested and ready for a full day. To go home with the desired result, it’s important to have a clear view beforehand what you want to achieve on this day. So please write down your preferred result as concrete as possible in the questionnaire and we’ll review it during the intake. Furthermore, you should be willing to commit yourself and to invest energy for the realization of the worked-out solution afterwards.

We’ll meet in a suitable location in Leiden, The Hague or Utrecht.


Please contact me to check your needs and the company tariff.

€ 699 incl. VAT, drinks, snacks and lunch

To be paid in advance