Different coaching solutions allow you to get the suitable solution for your needs

Coaching Solutions: 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Individual solutions aligned
with the coachee’s needs

Such an individual coaching allows you respectively your employee to work on pressing issues and questions completely adjusted to the individuals needs and preferences. Over a determined time frame, it allows for a deep transformation and personal change.

When to choose:

  • There is one coachee at this point in time
  • This coachee needs to deal with a complex issue
  • The aim is to achieve a significant and sustainable change
  • There is time and budget for such a journey
  • The coachee is ready and willing to change
Coaching Solutions: Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Coaching in workshop format
to achieve quick results in daily work life

This coaching solution in workshop format will be designed according to the needs of our employees and run in-house. They provide impulses and hands-on guidance to develop oneself in a group setting and take away learnings for implementation in work and private life.

When to choose:

  • There are several coachees with a similar issue to work on
  • The issue is not too complex
  • The aim is to get impulses and achieve quick wins
  • There is time and budget to attend workshops
  • All coachees is ready and willing to take action on their own
Coaching Solutions: Power Partnerships

Power Partnerships

In-house program to develop and empower
a group of similarly positioned women

The Power Partnerships are an innovative and intense group coaching program designed to empower female employees and develop their (self-) leadership capabilities. Sevenbirds provides these in-house programs in cooperation with Open The Door Leadership.

When to choose:

  • There are at least four coachees ideally at a similar career stage or leadership focus
  • The issue is about developing self-leadership, harnessing power and potential
  • The aim is to achieve a significant step in their personal and professional development
  • There is time and budget for such a program
  • All coachees is ready and willing to go on this journey