Recognize the positive elements in your life

This coaching question shall help you to recognize respectively to remember what’s already good and positive in your life at the moment. Ask yourself: What are three things that are good in my life? What is your answer to this question? And how does seeing these positive elements effects your current view on life?

Make it your summer

Two weeks ago, I attended the last module of the second year of the Pulsar Academie, a further education I am currently following. In the end, the trainer gave us following task: How would you like your summer to be? What is your intention for this year’s summer? And what will help you to realize […]

Know your sources of energy

As human beings we need oxygen, water, food etc to survive. Furthermore, we encounter situations, people, activities, circumstance in our daily life which either give us energy or sap our energy. if you want to only survive but experience a life full of energy and joy ask yourself: What are the things which provide energy […]

How to improve your life

Quite often we already know a lot about ourselves and what we could do to live a satisfying, joyful and healthy life. But we tend to forget or at least not to act accordingly. So I invite you to ask yourself: What insights or thoughts would improve my life significantly, if I had these thoughts […]

Do something good for you

All too often, the small things have a larger impact than expected. Why do you not use this lesson learned to do yourself something good? Which small thing can I do or try this week to do something good for myself? What is your answer to this question? Please share your views and insights in […]

Know where to look for help

We all have already experienced situations where we were not doing well. If we would already know where to look for support we would probably need less time to get over. So ask yourself: What can I do or whom can I contact when I am not doing well? What is your answer to this […]

Do it now

Before I am going to enjoy two weeks of holiday, I have a new coaching question for you. Bucket lists are quite popular at the moment and I agree with the viewpoint of doing something now instead of regretting it later. Therefore, I invite you to ask yourself: What would I really regret not having […]

Be in harmony with yourself

One of our aims in life is to be happy and content. But when I ask my coaching clients quite often they need to think first before they can name what it means for them to be happy. So therefore, I invite you today to think about this question for yourself. Because only when you […]

Money rules?

„If I had the money than I could …” Do you know this sentence? Of course, certain things cost money and you have to make decisions what you can afford and what not. In order to become yourself and live the life you love, I invite you to look at the money issue from a […]

Lessons learned

This happens to everyone once in a while: something goes wrong. Now you are getting disappointed, depressed or angry. It feels just bad and you can’t stop thinking about it. In order to get out of this spiral of negative thoughts and feelings, I suggest to work with the following questions: Think of a case […]

Take a break

Most of us have a busy life: job, study, family, friends, and hobbies – different requirements come from every aspect of life. It makes sense to take breaks in between to really relax and calm down. So how does your “break management” look like? When do you usually take a break? How many breaks do […]

Realize your dreams

Do you have a dream? Something you want to do, to have, to realize in your life? And you just dream of it, right? Change your perspective and work with the following question: Quite often we tend to struggle with how we are. We     What would happen, if I would do a little something for […]

Being okay

Quite often we tend to struggle with how we are. We compare ourselves to others and always find little things where we could do better and are not good enough. That way we keep ourselves busy to look at our faults and to feel unsatisfied with ourselves. But hey, nobody is perfect! So please try the little experiment and ask yourself:

Appreciate yourself

Everyone is good at something. In my opinion, everyone is unique and has therefore also unique talents and strengths. But often we don’t value where we are good at. That’s too normal for us, nothing special. And so it happens that we not even appreciated the compliments we get from others. Probably it would be interesting to explore the difference of how others perceive your strengths and how you want to be perceived. So ask yourself:

Forgive yourself

Sometimes we hinder ourselves to go forward by clinging to certain incident where we made mistakes. We are still angry about ourselves and brood about how such things could happen to us. In order to let go, I invite you to ask yourself: What would be different in my life, if I would forgive the […]

Believe in yourself

We all have our own beliefs, i.e. mostly unconscious assumptions about ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes, these beliefs limit us in our personal development so that we stick to certain behaviors and are not able to make new experiences. Make an experiment and ask yourself:

Be thankful

To live a better life requires satisfaction. Being thankful is one strategy to be more satisfied in life. So ask yourself:

Differently than expected

If we look back on certain incidents our evaluation can change because we can see it in a different light. That helps to discover important moments in our life. I invite to look back and ask yourself:

Pamper yourself

In stressful times, we often forget to take care of ourselves. There is also a time to be kind to ourselves – nobody is perfect 😉 – and to pamper yourself. Therefore, I invite you to check each day of this week:

Reflect and learn

I cannot enough emphasize the importance of reflecting and learning from experience. Therefore I recommend to spend some minutes every evening to reflect the day and to draw essential insights. Try these questions for your reflection:

Take care of yourself

As human beings we are part of a community. We live and work together with others. Many of us prefer a harmonious coaction and therefore try to identify and fulfill the expectations and needs of others. If you orientate your actions too strongly towards others, you risk to disregard your own needs. It might be interesting to ask yourself:

Break free

I would like to continue with last week’s topic around loyalties, dependencies and taking care for own needs. The new question helps you to find what you don’t allow yourself due to strong loyalties to others: What would I do differently, if I could never disappoint someone by my action or inaction? What is your […]

Use your resources

It happens that we find ourselves in a difficult situation – without someone we could talk to, exchange views and ideas, develop solutions and weigh their consequences. We are left on our own. But we are not helpless but only need to make use of the resources lying in ourselves. So try to work with […]

Journey into yourself

How to learn something valuable for yourself

We all know things and we don’t know things. To learn and to deepen your knowledge about the world and yourself is therefore an essential element of life. Often, we set ourselves certain objectives, we have good intentions and plans to improve. What I want you to focus on are the real issues, the true […]

Let life get clear

Create your perfect weekend

Weekends are an important part of the week insofar as they are usually dedicated to spending time with family, friends, and hobbies, sleeping out and doing other things to relax and regenerate. Because its Friday it’s a good opportunity to think about the following questions: What will make my weekend perfect? What do I need […]

How resilient are you?

-Each of us have experienced crises in life – the small ones, when the housework outgrows you or the favorite cup is dropped, and the big ones, if your relationship hangs in the balance or job loss is imminent. And each of us deals differently with these crises. Some come pretty quickly over it, others nibble longer on it, and still others remain trapped in a state of shock.

It might come true

Take courage

Even if we really want to change something a lot of “ifs” and “buts” are standing in our way to get into action. We are waiting for something to happen or for someone to act. We postpone our action and have many good reasons for this. And sometimes, we are just scared about the change […]

Get advice from your future self

Sometimes, you need someone to talk to – a kind of a mature, experienced or even wise person – and there is no one available, not now or not the person you are looking for. Why not get in contact with your future self? Your future self is probably just the person who knows you […]

Change yourself

Start today

I am sure there are things in your life you really want to do but … Yep, at the same time many “buts” pop up in your thoughts. Potential buts and scaring buts. One common but is the fear to fail – to start realizing your dream and to experience that it doesn’t work plus […]

Stick to it

Do you know this: You have an idea, you have planned everything. You are enthusiastic and full of energy. You set the first steps and… you stop, you procrastinate, you doubt, you criticize yourself, you look away… To help you in such situations to stick to your intention and to continue to realize it, I […]

How is your readiness for change?

Change is nowadays a common element. You can’t avoid it. You have to deal with. Use the self-assessment to test your readiness for change: English or German.

Give yourself permission

Is that really what you want?

We all know other people who live a great life, have everything someone could wish for, and seem to be happy and content. At least from an outside perspective… It might be interesting to realize what the things are you’re longing for and to step in this other person’s shoes to find out if really […]

Be mindful

Mindfulness is a strong tool to stay aware and be conscious about how you really feel and what you really need. Being mindful allows you to notice inner processes and signals. To help you to increase and maintain your mindfulness, I have prepared some helpful mini-exercises written on small cards. Download the file (available in English, […]

Recognize your “I-moments”

How much are you already by yourself? How is that for you? To which extend do you feel to be quite by yourself? Try to estimate your current status on the following scale. 1 stands for “I’m probably still at square 1.” And 10 means “I have arrived by myself and live my life the […]

Peace of mind

Make yourself happier

Don’t you wish you were more satisfied and happier – in general, regarding a certain situation, regarding a certain relationship? What would be if you could make yourself happier? I invite you to ask yourself: What would have to change so that I would feel more satisfied and happier? Can I realize this change or is […]

Make your choice

Our world is full of options and we are asked to make choices. There are the big choices regarding the direction of our life, and lots of small choices in our every day life – coffee or tea, going to the movies or reading a book, etc. And sometimes, there are these moments where your […]

Learn to see more possibilities

The gentle power of the Latifa meditation

I want to introduce you to the Latifa meditation which forms the basis of the coaching processes I provide. What is the Latifa? The Latifa is an ancient meditation practice from the Sufism. The word “latif” has different meanings – all of them have to do with being subtle. The theory of the Latifa has […]

Say no

Again and again my coachees report about difficulties to say no. You’ve probably also came across advice about saying no. Before starting to change your behavior, I ask you to reflect a bit about the current situation. You can use the following questions to explore your feelings and beliefs behind your perceived inability to say […]

Latifa cards

I’ve already introduced the Latifa meditation and its benefits to you. And now I provide you with a set of Latifa cards you can use in various ways: Utilize the cards to support your Latifa meditation Select one card and meditate, reflect, write, draw, etc. about the chosen quality Choose one card blindly and let this quality accompany […]

Do things from your soul

Dare to feel as a unique treasure

It’s true: you are a unique treasure. Everyone is. Several years ago, I’ve made myself a t-shirt saying on the front side “I am…” and on the back “…a unique treasure”. When encountering someone, they were curious asking “What are you? Please turn around.” I did. In most cases, the first reaction were raised eyebrows […]

What you need

With the beginning of a new year, you can hear and read everywhere about New Year’s resolutions. If you have a concrete goal – ideally formulated based on the SMART rule = specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-related – than such a resolution is a great tool to achieve something tangible. More often, these resolutions come to nothing. […]

Let your soul catch up

Get rid of frustrations

Frustrations are part of our everyday life. We didn’t meet a set goal, our expectations aren’t met, we get angry about someone else, etc. And before we know we feel frustrated, disappointed, disheartened. These feelings can be very strong and hinder us from getting over the frustrating situation – we get stuck and can’t move […]

We are what we think

Less is more

Most people can name pretty easily what they don’t want to have anymore in their lives. It’s important to be aware of these elements which hinder you, make you feel uncomfortable, disturb your well-being, or lead you astray. Because only if you know exactly what it is about, you are able to change something. So […]