Develop yourself to live your potential

Develop yourself:
Individual coaching guides you to a new level

You’re the expert for yourself – you know who you are, what you need, what you long for, and where you want to be. And I’m here to act as your guide on your journey to develop yourself – providing a safe space, creating a supportive process and structure, offering helpful exercises & tools, asking questions, and more. This way, I help you to achieve the desired change in your life.

Everything we talk about during the sessions as well as the results of the homework are confidential. I won’t share with your line manager, HR representative or anyone else. It’s your turn to decide what you want to share with others.

Coaching formats

I offer two options to work with individuals:

In case you prefer a group setting, you might discuss the following two formats with your line manager and/or HR representative:

Develop yourself and don't quit

What’s needed for successful coaching

Being ready and willing to change

Being committed to work intensively

Feeling trust between you & me

Daring to experiment and try new things

Taking ownership of the desired change

What’s required from you to make it work

To invest time for the sessions and the homework

To open up, to reflect and to share

To do the homework

To communicate any questions, doubts, sorrows, concerns

To take responsibility