About Sevenbirds: A business coach on a mission

My mission is to encourage and empower people to change and create their own future. I believe that every person has a unique talent. And if everyone knew their talent and would use it in daily life than we all could enjoy happy and fulfilled lives.

As a logical consequence of my personal and professional development, I have founded Sevenbirds in April 2014.

With Sevenbirds I create a space to:

Discover oneself and one’s uniqueness,
develop acceptance and self-love

Identify one’s purpose, define goals
and learn to play big

Get ready to take over responsibility
and follow one’s own way


My expertise

Personality Development
Talent Development
Personal Change
Leadership Development
Change Management
Career Development
Personality Assessment

About me and my way to Sevenbirds

After finishing university, I worked as a consultant at PA Consulting Group, an international management consultancy. Due to my previous engagement in an interdisciplinary students’ initiative which designed and conducted assessment centers for fellow students, I focused on management diagnostics in the beginning, i.e. designing and conducting assessment and development centers as well as management audits. Later on, I optimized HR processes and HR strategies. But more and more, I moved into the area of change management. Mainly, I designed and facilitated large-scale and small-scale team events and workshops to deal with change challenges, initiate dialogue between the people concerned, and build momentum and energy for the change. I was based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, but my clients were international and national companies from various industries.

In 2007, it was time for a change and I founded Change & Co., my first own business, to support managers and teams in making change happen. Besides that, I continued to conduct assessment centers – specially to staff vacant leadership positions, and I started to work as business coach with managers and specialists.

Over the years I somehow lost my drive and energy, lost the satisfaction when working in organizations, and even felt a bit bored of doing always the same things in the same way. I started to investigate the reasons for my frustration, did a lot of self-reflection searching for my passions, talents, strengths and needs, as well as read dozens of books and blogs to get inspiration and ideas.

Finally, I realized it was time for a comprehensive change. I had moved from Germany to The Netherlands – a step which provided me with new possibilities and options, and a less complex rules for having a business compared to Germany.

In 2014, I dared to say goodbye to Change & Co. and supporting change management in organizations and started from scratch with Sevenbirds and Daylightly productions, my second business in photography.

Sevenbirds – nice name but what does it mean?

That’s probably also one of your questions and therefore I use the opportunity to explain.

Most birds can one thing which quite a few humans are dreaming of: they can fly. That is apparently effortlessly moving through the air, gaining height, seeing a lot more and farther than from the ground, experiencing the elements, etc. From a human perspective, flying relates to easiness and elegance but also to freedom and the opportunity to explore new spaces.

Thus, the birds’ ability to fly is attractive for most of us. Therefore, I have chosen to have something of this easiness and attractiveness in the company’s name. Because I want to provide my clients and customers with the possibility to gain new insights, perspectives and abilities for themselves.

And why now seven birds? Well, the number seven refers to the seven steps of the Latifa. This is an ancient meditation practice allowing you to connect with seven subtle qualities which support transformation and sustainable change.

The seven steps are: acceptance, yearning, hope, faith, surrender, love, and freewill.

My educational background

  • University degree in psychology (specialized in work & organizational psychology as well as communication psychology)
  • Systemic counselor & coach (certified by DGSF, the German Association for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy)
  • Myer-Briggs Type Indicator® user (licensed by OPP)
  • Pulsar Academie – opleiding voor bevrijding professioneels (at Pulsar Stichting in The Netherlands)

Available languages

Currently I work in German and English.

My Dutch is good enough for daily life
but not yet for professional coaching.

Cooperation & networks

For me, being connected with other coaching professionals is crucial. It allows me to:

  • Reflect work situations to evaluate my own work and get feedback respectively advice for improvement
  • Receive news & information related to latest developments in the subject
  • Get inspired
  • Find back-ups and colleagues to collaborate with

Currently, I offer the Power Partnerships in cooperation with Open The Door Leadership and I meet regularly with Talent in Werk and Connecting Women.