Less is more

less is more

Most people can name pretty easily what they don’t want to have anymore in their lives. It’s important to be aware of these elements which hinder you, make you feel uncomfortable, disturb your well-being, or lead you astray. Because only if you know exactly what it is about, you are able ...[Read More]

What you need

what you need

With the beginning of a new year, you can hear and read everywhere about New Year’s resolutions. If you have a concrete goal – ideally formulated based on the SMART rule = speciific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-related – than such a resolution is a great tool to achieve ...[Read More]

Break free

break free

I would like to continue with last week’s topic around loyalties, dependencies and taking care for own needs. The new question helps you to find what you don’t allow yourself due to strong loyalties to others: What would I do differently, if I could never disappoint someone by my action or inaction? ...[Read More]

Being okay

being okay

Quite often we tend to struggle with how we are. We compare ourselves to others and always find little things where we could do better and are not good enough. That way we keep ourselves busy to look at our faults and to feel unsatisfied with ourselves. But hey, nobody is perfect! So please try the ...[Read More]