Make your choice

Make your choice

Our world is full of options and we are asked to make choices. There are the big choices regarding the direction of our life, and lots of small choices in our every day life – coffee or tea, going to the movies or reading a book, etc. And sometimes, there are these moments where your head is e ...[Read More]

Be mindful

be mindful

Mindfulness is a strong tool to stay aware and be conscious about how you really feel and what you really need. Being mindful allows you to notice inner processes and signals. To help you to increase and maintain your mindfulness, I have prepared some helpful mini-exercises written on small cards. D ...[Read More]

Stick to it

stick to it

Do you know this: You have an idea, you have planned everything. You are enthusiastic and full of energy. You set the first steps and… you stop, you procrastinate, you doubt, you criticize yourself, you look away… To help you in such situations to stick to your intention and to continue ...[Read More]

Break free

break free

I would like to continue with last week’s topic around loyalties, dependencies and taking care for own needs. The new question helps you to find what you don’t allow yourself due to strong loyalties to others: What would I do differently, if I could never disappoint someone by my action or inaction? ...[Read More]

Reflect and learn

reflect and learn

I cannot enough emphasize the importance of reflecting and learning from experience. Therefore I recommend to spend some minutes every evening to reflect the day and to draw essential insights. Try these questions for your reflection: What can I learn from what happened to me today? From the positiv ...[Read More]