overcome obstacles

Saying no

saying no

Again and again my coachees report about difficulties to say no. You’ve probably also came across advice about saying no. Before starting to change your behavior, I ask you to reflect a bit about the current situation. You can use the following questions to explore your feelings and beliefs be ...[Read More]

Make your choice

Make your choice

Our world is full of options and we are asked to make choices. There are the big choices regarding the direction of our life, and lots of small choices in our every day life – coffee or tea, going to the movies or reading a book, etc. And sometimes, there are these moments where your head is e ...[Read More]

Start today

start today

I am sure there are also things in your life you really want to do but … Yep, at the same time many buts pop up in your thoughts. Potential buts and scaring buts. One common but is the fear to fail – to start realizing your dream and to experience that it doesn’t work plus all the ...[Read More]