NEW: Latifa cards

latifa cards

I have already introduced the Latifa meditation and its benefits to you. Today, I’m providing you with the Latifa cards you can use in various ways: Utilize the cards to support your Latifa meditation Select one card and meditate, reflect, write, draw, etc. about the chosen quality Choose one ...[Read More]

Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

In stressful times, we often forget to take care of ourselves. There is also a time to be kind to ourselves – nobody is perfect 😉 – and to pamper yourself. Therefore, I invite you to check each day of this week: What can I do good for me today? What is your answer to this question? Please share your ...[Read More]

Take a break

take a break

Most of us have a busy life: job, study, family, friends, and hobbies – different requirements come from every aspect of life. It makes sense to take breaks in between to really relax and calm down. So how does your “break management” look like? When do you usually take a break? How many breaks do y ...[Read More]

Do it now

Before I am going to enjoy two weeks of holiday, I have a new coaching question for you. Bucket lists are quite popular at the moment and I agree with the viewpoint of doing something now instead of regretting it later. Therefore, I invite you to ask yourself: What would I really regret not having d ...[Read More]