Dare to feel as a unique treasure

unique treasure

It’s true: you are a unique treasure. Everyone is. Several years ago, I’ve made myself a t-shirt saying on the front side “I am…” and on the back “…a unique treasure”. When encountering someone, they were curious asking “What are you? Please turn ...[Read More]

Stick to it

stick to it

Do you know this: You have an idea, you have planned everything. You are enthusiastic and full of energy. You set the first steps and… you stop, you procrastinate, you doubt, you criticize yourself, you look away… To help you in such situations to stick to your intention and to continue ...[Read More]

Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

We all have our own beliefs, i.e. mostly unconscious assumptions about ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes, these beliefs limit us in our personal development so that we stick to certain behaviors and are not able to make new experiences. Make an experiment and ask yourself: What would be d ...[Read More]