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Discover your talent

Discover your Talent

Practical workshop to increase your self-knowledge and learn about your unique specialty

When saying ‘talent’ I don’t use it in the sense of “she is a talented writer” or “he is a top talent in our company”. I don’t talk about skills and knowledge. What I mean is: everyone has an inborn talent – a natural way of doing things in order to create something. Talent is your full capability consisting of various aspects but you can summarize it in one or two words.

Thus, everyone has been given a certain capability, this individual gift, this specialty – and I want you to get acquainted with yours.

Discovering your talent and using it consciously allows you to:

  • understand why you do what you do
  • accept your own way of doing things
  • be more ‘you’
  • trust in your own competence
  • experience flow moments
  • take decisions
  • try something new
  • mean something for others

Knowing your talent can make your life easier, can help you to identify your ideal job, can make you successful at work, and much more.

  • want to learn more about yourself and deepen your self-knowledge
  • identify your specialty and give it a clear name
  • grow and move into a new phase of your life
  • achieve more fulfillment in life

I will help you to:

  • understand the idea of having a unique talent
  • discover your talent and give it a name
  • explore all aspects of your talent and its appearances
  • activate it consciously

For the workshop, you need to invest:

  • 5 hours
  • curiosity and
  • the willingness to reflect and share

More information

The participation fee is EUR 129 (incl. 21% Dutch VAT, drinks & snacks).

New dates will be added soon.