potential analysis

Potential Analysis

For whom?

You feel the need to check your current status and to clarify your potential for future tasks and career options. Probably, you question yourself about your talents, strengths and weaknesses as well as about your career ambitions and goals. Maybe you perceive a gap between how you see yourself and how you’re seen by others which makes you feel insecure and not able to make the next step. You look for help to get a clear view on your potential and on the next suitable steps.

How does it work?

Contact me to arrange a free intake of 30 minutes via telephone or Skype. I’ll ask to fill out a questionnaire before so that I can prepare appropriately. We’ll get to know each other and clarify the details. Afterwards you decide, if you want to work with me. If yes, you’ll receive an invoice and you pay in advance. Once you’ve paid, we make an appointment and you receive the link to the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator®, a personality inventory to explore your preferences.

On the agreed date we meet for 3 hours. First, we’ll explore your talents, strengths, weaknesses, preferences and values – in order to sum everything up in a personal profile. In a second step we explore your ambition and career options considering your profile. In the last minutes, we will summarize the results and close the session. Two days later you’ll receive a report with your personal profile plus questions, tools, exercises to help you to continue and make your next steps.

What’s required?

Such an assessment is an intensive and unusual experience. It requires an honest and realistic self-reflection and openness for feedback.

Where does it take place?

We’ll meet in a suitable location in Leiden or The Hague.


€ 349 incl. VAT and costs for MBTI®

to be paid in advance

Please contact me to check your needs and the current pricing.