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Before you think about getting coached by me, I want you to say “Wow, this is exactly what I’m looking for. This is the right place for me!”

Therefore, please read this page first to check, if the Sevenbirds’ offerings and way of working appeal to you.

You can get the most out of Sevenbirds services when you are:

  • dealing with questions regarding your current and future life
  • unclear about own goals and next steps
  • dreaming of a fulfilling job considering your passions, talents, and values
  • afraid of going into the wrong direction and making wrong choices
  • searching for your true self
  • dreaming of finding your own way in life
  • willing to discover, test, and learn
  • ready to get into action
  • prepared to invest time and energy in your transformational process
  • open for holistic, creative, maybe even unusual exercises and tasks

You look for a coach who provides:

  • impulses, stimulation, inspiration
  • understanding, appreciation, reinforcement
  • structure, focus, guidance

The optimal result of a coaching would be:

  • deep understanding of your situation
  • increased self-knowledge and acceptance of who you are
  • more inner strength and self-confidence
  • new perspectives and a clear picture of your future
  • new options for action and concrete next steps
  • first changes regarding your issue
  • improved personal well-being

How I work

My passion is to explore people’s talents and passions, to create space for their development, and to realize dreams and unused potential. My vision of a perfect world includes access to personal development for everyone – in order to live a happy and fulfilled life.

My way of coaching can be described as solution-focused, systemic, intuitive, creative, reflective, and inspiring, linking mind, heart, and body – always with the aim to create space for new perspectives, insights, and change.

The responsibility for the outcome of a coaching – whether of a single session or a full process – always stays with you. I don’t have your solution. But you are the expert for yourself and I will guide you to find your own way. My aim is to activate you and to bring you back on your path.


My specialties are:

  • Clarifying your professional goals in line with your talent, passion, and personality
  • Identifying and applying your talent
  • Boosting your personal development and self-knowledge
  • Exploring your calling in life and work
  • Stimulate your career development

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