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individual coaching aiming for a profound and lasting change

Coaching one-to-one guides on a journey to a new self

Make use of individual coaching to allow for sustainable personal change

Working with one coachee is a very intensive experience aiming for a profound and lasting change in the mind-set and actions of an individual.

Individual coaching does not only provide positive impact for the coachee such as increased self-awareness, satisfaction and drive, but delivers also significant effects for the coachee’s work environment, e.g. motivation, work performance, and cooperation.

I offer two coaching formats for working with individuals:

Coaching Package

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to support personal change

A coaching package allows you respectively your employee to work on pressing issues and questions completely adjusted to the individual’s needs and preferences. Over a determined time frame, it allows for deep transformation and personal change – which in turn will lead to increased motivation, enjoyment, productivity, and innovation.

Coaching Day to deal with one substantial issue

Coaching Day

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to deal with one substantial issue

The coaching day allows you respectively your employee to work on one substantial, well-defined issue. It is a very intensive coaching experience aiming to get sorted, develop a solution, and initiate implementation in one day. The coachee leaves ideally with a concrete action plan and a strong feeling of being ready to act.

Based on the special issues and needs of the coachee, it’s possible to adapt the coaching package – e.g. shorten, enlarge, different rhythm, different session length, mixed with other development measures.