Coaching questions

Reflect and learn

reflect and learn

I cannot enough emphasize the importance of reflecting and learning from experience. Therefore I recommend to spend some minutes every evening to reflect the day and to draw essential insights. Try these questions for your reflection: What can I learn from what happened to me today? From the positiv ...[Read More]

Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

In stressful times, we often forget to take care of ourselves. There is also a time to be kind to ourselves – nobody is perfect 😉 – and to pamper yourself. Therefore, I invite you to check each day of this week: What can I do good for me today? What is your answer to this question? Please share your ...[Read More]

Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

We all have our own beliefs, i.e. mostly unconscious assumptions about ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes, these beliefs limit us in our personal development so that we stick to certain behaviors and are not able to make new experiences. Make an experiment and ask yourself: What would be d ...[Read More]

Being okay

being okay

Quite often we tend to struggle with how we are. We compare ourselves to others and always find little things where we could do better and are not good enough. That way we keep ourselves busy to look at our faults and to feel unsatisfied with ourselves. But hey, nobody is perfect! So please try the ...[Read More]