Happy Holidays

happy holiday

It’s now more than one year ago that I started my new business Sevenbirds and I’m happy with the developments in 2015. I have worked with more clients and could help them to solve their issues and gain confidence and trust in themselves. More or less monthly, bird’s post has provid ...[Read More]

What will happen in this blog in 2015

blog planning 2015

This year, I plan to expand the content offered in the Sevenbirds blog.   Besides the coaching questions which you already know by now I will provide you with: inspiring pictures visualizing a message, affirmation, motto, insight, etc. self-tests deepening your self-knowledge articles stimulati ...[Read More]

I am asking for your input

Give me your input for developing the coaching programs you are looking for! My aim is to provide valuable products which allow you to discover, learn and grow – and finally become yourself. Therefore, I have prepared a short survey to learn more your interests and needs and how I can support ...[Read More]

Under construction

Under construction

You surely notice that this website is not yet completely ready. I am still busy with writing and editing content and will fill the sites step by step. During May I will also set up the language versions of the sevenbirds’ website. So besides the currently online version in English, you can ch ...[Read More]

Welcome at sevenbirds

Welcome at sevenbirds

I am really happy that my new website for sevenbirds is now online! Special thanks go to Sabrina and Ivo from Is vormgeving who designed the gorgious logo and this website. Another thanks goes to Eelkje Colmjon from EELK Fotografie. With her I enjoyed a totally relaxed foto session resulting in new ...[Read More]