Less is more

less is more

Most people can name pretty easily what they don’t want to have anymore in their lives. It’s important to be aware of these elements which hinder you, make you feel uncomfortable, disturb your well-being, or lead you astray. Because only if you know exactly what it is about, you are able ...[Read More]

What you need

what you need

With the beginning of a new year, you can hear and read everywhere about New Year’s resolutions. If you have a concrete goal – ideally formulated based on the SMART rule = speciific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-related – than such a resolution is a great tool to achieve ...[Read More]

Happy Holidays

happy holiday

It’s now more than one year ago that I started my new business Sevenbirds and I’m happy with the developments in 2015. I have worked with more clients and could help them to solve their issues and gain confidence and trust in themselves. More or less monthly, bird’s post has provid ...[Read More]

Dare to feel as a unique treasure

unique treasure

It’s true: you are a unique treasure. Everyone is. Several years ago, I’ve made myself a t-shirt saying on the front side “I am…” and on the back “…a unique treasure”. When encountering someone, they were curious asking “What are you? Please turn ...[Read More]

NEW: Latifa cards

latifa cards

I have already introduced the Latifa meditation and its benefits to you. Today, I’m providing you with the Latifa cards you can use in various ways: Utilize the cards to support your Latifa meditation Select one card and meditate, reflect, write, draw, etc. about the chosen quality Choose one ...[Read More]

Saying no

saying no

Again and again my coachees report about difficulties to say no. You’ve probably also came across advice about saying no. Before starting to change your behavior, I ask you to reflect a bit about the current situation. You can use the following questions to explore your feelings and beliefs be ...[Read More]